what do jacobin founder bhaskar sunkara’s tweets say about his politics?

to help us answer this question, we suggest reading “The Dirtbag Left and the Cancer of Tailism” before perusing the below tweets, most if not all of which were deleted after critics began retweeting them in mockery.

and now, we present: the evidence. trigger warning for rape mentions, misogyny, anti-black racism, and more…

29 september 2009: “where is all this pity for Polanski coming from? He drugged, raped and sodomized a 13 year old. I like Chinatown like the next man, but…”. 2 october 2009: “i’m going to go drug and assrape the kids of all these bourgeois Hollywood idiots defending Polanski”. 22 november 2009: “more I read about the case more im moving over to the Roman Polanski camp. it was a crime, he served some time, i can understand flight.” 12 july 2010: “in better news Polanski is free… I know, I know, but read more into the case and you’ll agree that he’s served his time.”
20 august 2009: “been clumsier than a fat bitch wearing undersized stilettos tonight. tripped like three times sober.”
15 july 2010: “making a Palin joke is the equivalent of beating up a handicap person, only the handicap person is a dick so your feelings are conflicted”
3 december 2010: “The Cavs basically showed up for dinner with their ex / new fiancee with a fat chick named Antoine Jameson. They also paid…”
22 february 2010: “#lifelesson when a girl sends you a text @ 2am and asks if she can come up to ‘study for a midterm’.. sometimes she’s not being euphemistic”. 20 july 2011: “GRE test center pat downs, lockers and cameras remind me of prison. Only here black women are in charge.”
14 september 2011: “somehow ended up with Sam, instead of an attractive freshmen girl, as my lab partner. decisions made in September can ruin a whole semester.” 21 september 2011: “I just got home. 9:30pm. Thought senior year would be easy, laying around, eating Doritos, smoking weed, making sexual advances to freshmen.” 10 october 2011: “first semester freshmen and transfer students: the only girls who have time for me. they don’t know anyone else yet.”
16 september 2009: “my parents are going to Trinidad tomorrow, just for the weekend to sign a land deed. I think i’ll come along. see you guys next week.”
7 july 2010: “In Trinidad my pops was a doctor. In America we have no airconditioning, dishwasher or Mango tree. #IblameRonaldReagan”. 9 august 2011: “i owe much to public education, public libraries, parents are state employees, immigrants, benefited from anti-racist mvment”.
22 august 2011: “my mom’s side is from a odd combination of Kashmir and Punjab, left in 1800s as indentured servants for Trinidad.” 15 september 2011: “got invited to a dinner /reception at the Indian embassy tonight. will likely attend, because the ruling class knows how to eat.”
14 june 2009: “Minimum payment of 8 dollars instead of 8.50 = 40 dollar late payment fee. Imma gonna find me an invest banker to sodomize (no homo?)”. 19 january 2010: “Scott Brown just tried to pimp his daughter. One is definitely serviceable. The other one I’ll save for the Waxyman.”
27 june 2010: “dear G20 black bloc anarchists. there’s greater evil in the world than coffee shops. i don’t think your cool. i’m rooting for the riot cops.”
14 july 2010: “say what u want about Mel Gibson,there’s something bold about calling someone sugar tits in the 21st century.it’s like using Sambo as a slur”. 15 october 2011: “Chain email with @jacobinmag writers right now, 5 pathetic dudes bitching about women and their hangovers. Very cute actually.”
24 december 2015: planned parenthood action tweets a graphic mocking condescending comments from men who claim to support feminism. bashkar sunkara responds in a quote tweet on 27 december 2015: “Planned Parenthood joins the stupid.”
22 september 2017: “‘Ugh, white people’ = often funny, often correct, ultimately bad politics.”

anti-oppression medium pages are often removed by oppressors. worried something may disappear? save a public-facing copy via archive.today, wayback machine, etc

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