remember when håkan geijer called drawing attention to white supremacy “racism”?

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: in this twitter screenshots, håkan geijer bemoans the reaction to a white teacher who wore an anatomical bodysuit to class as a teaching aid, denouncing "Body shaming, racism, and a general lack of worldliness". asked for clarification about their use of the term racism, geijer writes: "there were people specifically commenting on how much worse it would be if she was a black woman. That's racism"

no? what about the time they said it was wrong to describe a self-appointed “security” force at CHOP/CHAZ as white supremacists after they shot and threatened to pistol-whip two Black teenagers, killing one of them and putting the other in the hospital?

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: in this twitter screnshot, geijer discourages others from discussing the power dynamics underlying the shooting of Black people at CHOP/CHAZ by telling others to "NOT SPREAD FUCKING RUMORS". they specify that "what doesn't help is a bunch of outside judgment and calling the shooters white supremacist because of who the dead/injured were."

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