Fragments on Black Chattel Slavery: Notes from the Ghost of @OankaliHoe


is this that “social death” everyone keeps talking about? @OankaliHoe, a collective Twitter account which served as a loudspeaker for Black liberation media and propaganda, was suspended a little over a month ago, in the wake of a slave revolt that spread across the united states of amerika & reverberated with Black people around the world. the crew behind the account was fairly confident this day would come, however. therefore—in pursuance of the @OankaliHoe Collective Agreement Code, Section XIII, Article XLII, Clause F—some of the content from the account’s feed will be republished, as a little “fuck you” to whoever conspired to silence that particular outlet. don’t they know repression breeds resistance?

below are some threads on the global nature and impact of black chattel slavery, consisting largely of quotations from existing research. please feel free to [re]share this material for education, agitation, or whatever purpose seems appropriate to destabilize the slaveholding imperial present we’re currently living through.

click here to view the archived thread.
click here to view the archived thread.

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