A working list of u.s. science fiction, fantasy, & speculative fiction (SFF) authors with a history of publicly supporting the democratic party.

A white person - shown to be wealthy by the jewels and clothing they wear - gazes at a painting of a white person being presented by a white artist, in what seems to be the artist's studio (there are other, somewhat obscured paintings in the background).

Why this list?

We hope to spark critical thinking among SFF fans who support anti-oppression politics about the connections between the [mainstream] publishing industry & those who ruthlessly exploit the world. We would also be happy to inspire similar work identifying patterns like these in other imperialist countries, or deeper research exploring support beyond votes & open campaign activity.

(We are not tracking supporters of the republican party here because we are assuming the intended audience of this post takes for granted the assumption that ties to republicans are problematic.)

  • John Wiswell: supported Elizabeth Warren then Joe Biden in 2020 [Twitter]
  • Chuck Wendig…

the information below is sourced from a twitter thread on the subject from a Black collective. (it’s not known precisely where the information in the thread came from.) the collective’s account whose was suspended less than a month after the thread went up, in late 2020. it has been edited for context, readability, to add image descriptions, and to reflect the fact that over a year has passed since the killings at CHOP/CHAZ (many months have also passed since the details below were collected, so the screenshots of account names etc. may be dated).

a black panga.

Bonaire is a Caribbean island in the Leeward Antilles. Along with Aruba and Curaçao, it forms the “ABC islands”, territories colonized by the dutch. along with the rest of europe, holland/the netherlands carried out genocide against the peoples living there before the white invasion, capturing and transporting uncountable numbers of slaves from Africa in their place and forcing them to work to enrich the colonizers. While slavery is commonly described as having legally ended in the 19th century, the ABC islands remain colonies, and the region’s Black population is systematically dehumanized so that white supremacy and imperialism may thrive.


The Short Answer

When some members call out oppressive behavior in the space, the backlash from reactionary members is supported by the complicity of group administrators and moderators. The pattern repeats itself as admins and mods fail to enforce their own anti-oppression guidelines, reproducing the elitist status quo.

The Long Answer

The Facebook group Ask for PDFs from People with Institutional Access was founded some years ago in the 2010s to accomplish the mission in its name: help people who are seeking texts (often shated in PDF format) get them, with the assistance of those who have access to them through affiliation with an institution like…

Image Description: A black-and-white venetian jolly / joker mask with red coloring is displayed face-up on a black denim pant leg, inside a vehicle with black interior. there are two gold bells at the end of the headdress on the mask, which hang over either side of the mask's face.
  1. Frank Wilderson revived the term Afropessimism to describe a shared theoretical concern with the unique oppression of Black people, not a shared set of politics. check out page 58 (chapter 2, beginning of section “The Dilemmas of Black Film Studies”) of Red, White, & Black: Cinema and the Structure of U.S. Antagonisms to learn where this idea is being taken from.
  2. most of the “big names” of Afropessimism are institutionally-legitimized, cisgender academics and upper class Black people who face less overt political repression than many Black people have in the past and do in the present, and that has a…

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: in this twitter screenshots, håkan geijer bemoans the reaction to a white teacher who wore an anatomical bodysuit to class as a teaching aid, denouncing "Body shaming, racism, and a general lack of worldliness". asked for clarification about their use of the term racism, geijer writes: "there were people specifically commenting on how much worse it would be if she was a black woman. That's racism"

no? what about the time they said it was wrong to describe a self-appointed “security” force at CHOP/CHAZ as white supremacists after they shot and threatened to pistol-whip two Black teenagers, killing one of them and putting the other in the hospital?

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: over a darkened illustration of the white house in flames & the amerikan flag falling in tatters, bold white lettering reads: "IF YA DON'T KNOW / NOW YA KNOW..."

in august of 1791, a black insurrection against the system of legalized chattel slavery broke out in the french colony of saint-domingue.

the white reaction was immediate and brutal. black people — revolutionaries alongside bystanders — were tortured, massacred, and killed in droves. many were targeted on sight and viciously attacked under the presumption that they must have been aiming to kill whites. innocence could not save them.

this socialization of suffering — the proliferation of systemic violence amongst those who bore no responsibility for the crisis that was the outbreak of the Haitian Revolution — sharpened the battle lines…

IMAGE DESCRIPTiON. a tweet from the Nigerian musician and celebrity Burna Boy reads: “I am in London and Im doing my best to make sure sanctions are imposed against Nigerian Government Officials. I need all citizens of all European countries ,America , Asia EVERYWHERE to please Do the Same. THEY MUST ALL PAY!!”

let’s talk about “sanctions”
anti-Blackness & neocolonialism are “sanctions”
rich oil companies & an impoverished Niger Delta are “sanctions”
a white-imposed war on “the terrorists” is “sanctions”
“democratically elected” military dictators drinking Black blood is “sanctions”
anti-LGBTQIA+ violence is “targeted sanctions”

let’s talk about “foreign intervention”
1400 years of anti-Black enslavement is “foreign intervention”
an African city named “Lagos” is “foreign intervention”
a police force created by the colonizer is “foreign intervention”
the cult of “peaceful protest” is “foreign intervention”
the “foreigners” are “intervening” in every breath we take
their “intervention” was underway before we were even born

when you beg for sanctions you say “whip them not me”
when you beg for sanctions you say “landlords shouldn’t be absentee”
when you beg for sanctions you say “master pick me”

we got a long fucking way to go.

but it is what it is & enough is enough.

borders are porous.

in recent years, whenever that citadel of wealthy pedophiles known as hollywood has decided to sell a piece of mutilated Black history back to the very people it stole it from, there’s been backlash from potential Black filmgoers on social media. while hollywood deserves to be put to the torch like any other plantation, this backlash hasn’t been directed at the u.s. army & CIA-propagandizing capitalist film industry as a whole, but rather narrowly at Black actors who aren’t from the united states playing the roles of Black u.s.ian historical figures on screen, a frustratingly incomplete reaction that doesn’t seek…

∞ Genders 4 Black Communisms

anti-oppression medium pages are often removed by oppressors. worried something may disappear? save a public-facing copy via archive.today, wayback machine, etc

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